Sigma Males – The Lone Wolf Meaning

There is a very high possibility that you would have heard of sigma males before and you might also have considered them as probably lone wolves. This guide tells you all you need to know about sigma males.

There have been different and various definitions of sigma males and there are still so many. Some people recognized and also considered them to be mysterious guys who go through the world all on their own.

Everywhere has been filled with the news of guys like this which is probably the reason why you are here in search of information about guys like this, guys that are called the Sigma males.

Sigma Males – The Lone Wolf Meaning

Well, the good news is, that I won’t be letting you down by not supplying you with the information and details you seek.

Simply put, this guide will let you know all the vital information about men that are regarded and considered Sigma males.

And, you shouldn’t just because they are mostly recognized as being alone doesn’t mean they are probably with some diseases or infections.

They are just a different kind of being, different species that prefer marching to beat their drum and they live their lives in such a way that they are not the type to be seriously concerned or high-flown by how other people move around them.

And, in a short explanation of what a Sigma male is, a Sigma male is a man that is considered and recognized to be truly his own man.

Since you’ve heard of Sigma males, there’s also a very high chance, you would have also heard of Alpha Males.

The Alpha Males different from the Sigma males are men that are considered to be self-assertive or bold and blatant. These are kinds of men that are the boss of their pack, some people also sometimes consider them to be arrogant.

And, then, leaving the Sigma males and Alpha Males, there’s also the Beta Males which I’m also quite certain you would have also heard of since you have of the first two.

Well, since I’ve given a short meaning or description of both the Sigma males and the Alpha Males, it will be right to also give such about the Beta Males.

The Beta Males are considered to be the meekest, these are men that are ready and prepared to take the sidelines although you should not mistake them for not being capable.

What Is a sigma male? What is a lone wolf?

Now, let’s get deeper into this. We’ll be starting with the definition of a sigma male. So, the big question here is who a Sigma male is.

So, he’s a man whose choice is to live outside the normal social superiority ranking or grading systems of the society even though he’s within the socio-sexual hierarchy or supremacy.

Above, I briefly gave a short description of the Alpha Males who the Sigma males happen to share in common a good number of characteristics and attributes.

Although they have what distinguishes them which is their propensity to go outside the lines of the traditional social supremacy or superiority rankings. This is what makes them different and unique.

The propensity to abandon or leave behind the traditional social superiority or supremacy rankings of modern society is what truly defines a stereotypical or quintessential Sigma male.

Sigma males are sometimes commonly referred to as lone wolves or wanderers because all they do is walk more on a solitary path.

The way men behave, who they are, what their weaknesses are likely to be, and in the sexual marketplace, how they are discerned or distinguished by women is how men are classified into these archetypes.

A structure or set-up that is used to describe the way men and boys connect and associate with each other and also get to sort out or group one another into the various archetypes is known as The Vox Day which was the originally assigned day for the socio-sexual ranking.

This is just the beginning of our journey to the understanding of Sigma males which means we will be going further than this so, I will ask you to journey through this guide for a full grasp of what it holds.

Zodiac Signs Recognized as Sigma males

This should be a good topic, especially for people that are interested in understanding how to be in a relationship with men that falls under this category.

Yet, this might happen to be an assisting guide that helps them to examine and study which of the zodiac signs shows or present the personality traits typical of the Sigma male.

So, below will be some important details and information about the zodiac signs for Sigma males;


The first on the list here are Capricorns who are popular for being loners, especially at parties although they are also the types of loners that enjoy more in their own company.

But, they are surely capable of brightening the room although it’s something they would rather not do and Timothée Chalamet who’s a very popular sigma male happens to be Capricorn himself.


Scorpios are self-assured or self-reliant and enthusiastic to the heart. These kinds are well-known for them being a bit puzzling or mystifying which means they are not the type to disclose too much about themselves at least not so easy.

They also have unique qualities like being quite hardworking and if a Scorpio happens to be a sigma male, he will prefer doing it softly.

And, not to also leave a very popular sigma male who also happens to be a Scorpio who’s a painter and goes by the name Bob Ross.

This is a man that can achieve anything but, also the man that will choose to do any or all of this in his profound way.

12 Attributes of a Sigma male

So, below I go any further in giving you details and information about Sigma males, I will be briefly listing about 12 attributes of a sigma male. This list will be brief but, it is sure to still very important and vital to your knowledge about Sigma males.

Then, let’s have a brief list of the 12 attributes of these men:

  • A sigma male is considered to be a silent leader.
  • He appreciates other people but, he is the kind of person that prefers and even enjoys being alone.
  • He is the kind of person that is not biased in the way he treats people around him.
  • Adapting to any kind of situation is not his problem.
  • He’s always himself meaning he doesn’t require a social circle to be himself.
  • He appreciates and acknowledges the value and significance of silence.
  • A sigma male is morally ambiguous or even probably worse.
  • A sigma male is not the one to live his life without risk as it is something he hates (living without risks).
  • His social skills could be sharpened as he’s not socially active.
  • He’s implausibly conscious, attentive, and alert.
  • A sigma male does not and will not allow anybody to drive the wheel of his life as he’s the master of his fate.
  • And, lastly, for the brief listing of the 12 attributes of a Sigma male, a sigma male can always be an alpha if he wants to.

Are Sigma Males Rare?

You’ve been getting important details about these kinds of men perhaps the next important question to ask is, are these kinds of men common or are they rare which is a very good question to ask.

So, I will ask you to read through once again if you are interested in the answer to the above question which states that “Are Sigma males Rare?”.

Power is expected from men by society, is supremacy or superiority. And, this is to say that this does not exclude the Beta Males and the Sigma males as well as they are sometimes compelled to match up to their corporate systems.

Sigma males are the kind of men that prefer coming up with and contributing ideas from a corner than being the center of attention.

This fact makes them more challenging to be tacked this way and that is the fact that Beta Males are the kind of men that have no problem stepping back for the Alpha Males to do the entire talking.

Eventually, Sigma males are at liberty to rub off their corporate gleam, thanks to the dawn of the development of flexible jobs structures.

Sigma males are not the type of men to get hampered or overburdened by societal beliefs as they prefer getting into the grind of their chosen lifestyle.

Famous Sigma Males

I will now be listing some famous Sigma males who will also serve as an example for you to help improve your grasp and comprehension of this topic.

Popular examples of brilliant, smart, and free-spirited men that are indifferent to the involvement and contribution in hierarchical systems are portrayed in fictional film characters.

You sure will be wondering why I chose to talk about fictional film characters and not real-life modern figures.

This is because the real-life modern figures are not the type of men that pursues fame although they sure represent and portrays the features or attributes of Sigma males.

Elon Musk is considered to be an example of a real-life modern figure that represents Sigma male and this is because of his captivation with his goals and ideas.

Fictional Sigma Males

So, below will be a few lists of the famous fictional film characters that portray and represent the attributes of Sigma males.

  • Tyler Durden – the character from Fight Club
  • James Bond
  • Han Solo – this is from Star Wars
  • Wolverine – which is from the X-Men
  • Clint Eastwood – the character from Man with No Name

Advantages of being a Sigma Male

Now, this subtopic happens to be one of the most important details about Sigma males, it tells us the advantages of their lifestyle.

And, talking about the lifestyle of these kinds of men, it is numerous meaning it is in great number but, I will just be discussing top three of them.

So, below will be the top three advantages of a Sigma male’s lifestyle:


Freedom happens to be the top advantage of a Sigma male’s lifestyle. This implies that a Sigma male removes himself from all concerns of caring.

And, this does not mean Sigma males do not care at all, they are not just concerned by what other people think of them.

In doing so, they are then equipped with the inner strength to live their life on their terms and they do this with shame or remorse.

And, in a way, this happens to summarize a good number of advantages of a Sigma male’s lifestyle and also happens to be the primary thing Sigma males truly care about the most.


There are a good number of reasons why women are attracted to the Sigma male archetype, one of which is that Sigma males are the kind of men that do not care about walking away and this is something that women find quite attractive.

Women are drawn to this kind of habit because it proves that the man is confident and does not have a problem with being in his own company as it is even something he loves.

The trait Sigma male possesses is a major exclusive marker which is also very attractive and this is not the only trait women are drawn to about this kind of man.

Unfamiliarity and mystery are also something women are deeply drawn to and this happens to be one of the traits of a wandering or peripatetic sigma male.


And, the last top three advantages of a sigma male’s lifestyle is productivity. A Sigma male is not concerned or even trapped by society, expectations, or perhaps the common societal demands or oppressions.

So, this means a sigma male will be blessed with a good amount of time and can also do things on his terms, visit anywhere he wants, trust his journey and not rush his pace, and utilize his resources wisely to promote and advance his personal goals and plans.

Other people’s judgment and point of view are not something Sigma males depend on. So, they are not so concerned about impressing anybody. Sigma males are considered to be completely original and genuine.

Final Thoughts on Sigma males

Sigma males are considered to be lone wolves, men who are always away from the pack, all on their own but, that does not excuse the fact that they are also mysterious and dangerous.

Sigma males do not need anyone to protect or look after them as they are powerful enough to do so themselves. They only attack when necessary.

And, lastly, for this guide, as this is its wrap-up, Sigma males are okay all on their own and do not need or want to be the leader of a pack.

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