Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria (Make Money Online in Nigeria)

Are you in search of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria? Then, you are in the right place for this information. As you will learn how you can make money every day online.

Being in any part of the world does not stop you from making money online, so far you have your smartphone or your PC and internet connection. You are good to go.

Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria (Make Money Online in Nigeria)

One amazing thing about the internet is that you can actually make a living off it, right from the comfort of your home, even in your bedroom or any part of the house. This will save you from the 8 am to 5 pm daily grind of office jobs.

Making money online will help you with so many things in life, and one thing I find remarkable about making money online is the ability to have more time for yourself, for your family, for other side businesses, and for holidays.

Making money online provides you with the flexibility of time and schedule, and with this, you don’t have to always make excuses for missing a family event or missing friends’ hangouts or school get-togethers.

One interesting thing about online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria is the fact that they are diverse, and many of this is what an inexperienced person can do with a little tutorial or online guide.

Who can do online businesses in Nigeria?

This is one question that seems to come to the mind of many people that wants to venture into making money online. Who are those people that can do online business in Nigeria?

Anybody who knows how to use a smartphone and have access to an internet network can do online business in Nigeria and can make money daily income.

Making daily money online is for everybody, which includes students, artisans, housewives, the unemployed, the employed, young, middle-aged, and more.

Without taking much of your time, let me show you some online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

YouTube Content Creation – Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Do you know one of the best ways of making money daily in Nigeria is having a YouTube channel where you give out content on daily basis? Yes, you can make a fortune from YouTube.

This is definitely one of those online businesses that pay daily. You can grow your subscriber base by creating and delivering content that people are interested in. In a bid to motivate you, some YouTube creators in Nigeria make as much as N50,000 daily.

How to Start Making Money from YouTube

With your phone or PC, you can start earning from YouTube on daily basis. First, you need to create a YouTube account, as well as content to upload on your channel.

It will also be helpful to restrict your content to a particular niche, for instance, you might want to be in the celeb gossip niche, movie review niche, phone reviews niche, tutorials on a particular topic, and more. This will help you build loyal and consistent followership.

You can monetize your YouTube channel using Google Adsense, only after hitting 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers. Another way of monetizing your channel is by running affiliate marketing. You can as well monetize through sponsored content.

With being a YouTube content creator, you can definitely make thousands on daily basis.

Blogging – Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Another great business that pays daily in Nigeria is blogging. With blogging, there is no limit to how much you can earn. Many bloggers in Nigeria earn over N300,000 monthly, some earn as high as $100 in a day; many earn beyond this on daily basis.

One good thing about this is that you can earn without investing more than N10,000 for a start, that is if you can create your website yourself. One thing you will, however, need to know how to do is writing. You have to know how to write.

How do You Earn from Blogging?

You can make daily money from blogging by monetizing your content. However, before doing this, it is important you have enough traffic (website visit) to be able to earn from this.

How do you get traffic? Consistency, niche, and more. What do I mean? Being consistent is one of the greatest keys to having a successful business, and this is what many businesses are battling today. You have to create content on regular basis to keep your readers informed as well as keep search engines abreast of your blog.

Another thing is having a niche-based blog. Restricting your blog to a particular set of topics will help you grow faster in that area, and you will soon be considered an authority in that area of specialization.

Another thing you have to know about getting traffic to your blog is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is really important, and there are tons of articles and videos online to help you with this.

You can make money from blogging by displaying advertising using Adsense or other ad companies. You can also make money through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, sponsored ads, and more.

With blogging as an online business, you can definitely make money in thousands on day to day basis. It is definitely worth trying out.

Freelance Writing – Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Are you a good writer? Are you versatile with your writing skills? Well, the good news is, you can make money with this skill of yours and earn thousands from the comfort of your room on daily basis.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or you have a regular 8-5 job, you can always make money writing for other people. These are articles that can be used on blogs, websites, magazines, academic work, etc.

Writing is one skill that looks to me as something that cannot go out of existence. You will always have to write and have something to write about. So, if you are serious about making money and you are good at writing; you are welcome to start making money.

How do You Earn from Freelance Writing in Nigeria?

There are many ways to start making money from freelance writing in Nigeria. With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you are among a pool of writers who can always make money from writing for people.

You can as well check some Facebook groups that are related to freelance writing and blogging, you will get the chance of meeting enormous people looking for writers to work for them.

You can as well use Twitter to search for writing gigs. You can do this by searching for the hashtag #writeforus to get to meet people who want articles for their websites, magazines, blogs, videos, and other projects.

There is no limit to how much you can make as a freelance writer in Nigeria. You have Nigerians who need your service, you also get to meet foreigners who are in need of your services.

The more you get to write, the better you are in what you do and the best for you in having a knowledge of many things you are oblivious to.

Affiliate Marketing – Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Another way of making money online in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing. Now, you might ask: what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing whereby you get to promote other businesses’ products and get a commission for each sale you give to them.

This is one of the best ways to make passive income. This is really suitable for you if you have the audience at hand, you just offer them products and you make money from it.

How to Earn from Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, there is no limit to the amount you can make. All you need to do is recommend products to people online, and the moment they purchase them, you get a commission on such a sale.

You have to join an affiliate program before you can benefit from marketing their products. After that, you will be given a link to promote, which is usually a link to their product page, and of which you make money from when a buyer clicks on that link and purchase the product.

It is always important you choose a product you believe your audience will be interested in. For instance, as a blogger or YouTube content creator, you can always offer your readers or audience these links to purchase from. That is also one of the reasons why I emphasized having a niche in the previous part.

With affiliate marketing, you can make a lot of money online in Nigeria. You don’t have to restrict yourself to marketing Nigerian-based products only. You can target a foreign audience. That is always one good thing about the internet world.

Selling Physical Products Online

One of the most lucrative online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria is getting to sell physical products online. You necessarily don’t have to own a website, but, you need an online platform to actualize this.

There are online platforms to help you in achieving this and making your daily pay in Nigeria. You can make a profit of as low as N5,000 daily, and some make millions daily from this.

How to Earn by Selling Physical Products Online

In order to make money from selling physical products online, there are things you need to do, and they include:

  • If you are just starting out, you might not need a website. However, you will need it later.
  • You can make use of social media to achieve this. In Nigeria, for instance, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook is the best social media platform to sell your physical products. Twitter can also be considered.
  • You need to get a delivery agency or you deliver yourself.
  • You need to be able to respond to customers’ queries on time.
  • Connect your social media pages together, especially, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Always keep your customers abreast of new products.

By selling products online, you can make a living out of it.


Do you know you can transcribe and get paid in Nigeria? There are a couple of platforms that will give you the opportunity of making money transcribing for them.

What is transcription? Transcription is the process of listening to audio clips and putting into writing whatever you hear from such audio. This is done remotely. You don’t have to meet them; you don’t have to meet the owner of such audio. Yours is to transcribe.

How to Earn from Transcription Services

There are some skills and equipment you would need in order to earn from transcribing for people. And this includes:

  • Good internet connection
  • Headphones
  • Listening skills
  • Typing skills
  • Understanding the context and scope of the audio clip
  • Understanding the use of punctuations

Best Transcriptions Service Platforms

If you have all these or you believe you can, then you should try to register on some of these platforms in order to get transcription gigs.

Here are the best transcription service platforms: QA World, Fiverr, GoTranscript, Rev, TranscribeMe, and Upwork.

Online Coaching or Tutoring

Do you know there is plenty of money to be made through online coaching or tutoring? If you have any knowledge of what you can teach people, then, there is more than enough money to be made from this.

There is a whole lot of things that people need to learn. You can teach people many things virtually; is it coding, makeup, self-development, mental awareness, marriage counseling, finance coaching, and more.

Many don’t have the luxury of time to go to a physical address, so, they prefer virtual coaching that they can always watch or listen to at a convenient time. This is where you come in and make your money.

How do You Earn through Online Coaching or Tutoring?

There are diverse ways of earning through online coaching and tutoring, and these include:

  • Payment received from your students
  • Uploading your tutorials on YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing; among others.

Website Designing – Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Do you have knowledge about building a website? Then, trust me, you can make thousands daily using your skills. This is one of the best online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

With your coding skills, programming knowledge, and ability to build a website, you can build websites for businesses, individuals and make a lot of money.

How do You Earn from Website Designing?

Websites are not built for free! This is done by employing capable hands to build such. If you are one of such capable hands, then you can surely make money daily from doing this.

Reach out to online businesses that don’t have websites by telling them you can help them build a website. Also, reach out to businesses with existing websites and let them know how you can help improve their websites.

Sorry! You don’t have knowledge of building a website? You can actually learn this from scratch for free. Check out YouTube videos of how you can get started with designing amazing websites.

List of Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

  • Youtube content creation
  • Blogging
  • Freelance writing
  • Afilliate marketing
  • Selling physical products online
  • Transcription
  • Online coaching or tutoring
  • Website designing

Final Thoughts on Online Businesses that Pay Daily in Nigeria

There are a lot of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria. You just have to choose what works best for you. Our list is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other ways by which you can make money online in Nigeria on daily basis.

All the online businesses discussed here are legit businesses that you will earn from in no time. One unique thing about them all is that you can always combine them with other physical or virtual jobs you are doing. Isn’t that awesome?

What do you think about our guide on the best online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria? Tell me your experience if you have done one before. Also, tell me which you would like to venture into.

I will appreciate it if you leave a comment below in the comment section. Also, feel free to check out other articles on this website.

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