Businesses to Start with 100k in Nigeria

Considering the economic situation of Nigeria today, many would like to venture into making money with little investment. This guide is about businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria or less.

Yes, there are a lot of businesses that you can start in Nigeria with one hundred thousand Naira or less. And these businesses are what I will be showing you as well as how you can start them and make profits from them.

You might have heard many people say you need millions of Naira to start a business in this country, some will even tell you that you need tens of millions. Well, truth is, they are not wrong. However, their rightness relies on the kind of business they are talking about.

Businesses to Start with 100k in Nigeria

Despite the economic hardship in the country, there are still businesses you can start in Nigeria for 100k or less. This is not a hoax; this is the plain truth. There are businesses you can actually start in Nigeria for one hundred thousand Naira.

However, before starting any business, either with a hundred thousand Naira or a hundred million Naira, it is always important you have extra cash to sustain you for a certain period to keep the business afloat.

Having said this, let me teach you some businesses you can do in Nigeria with 100k or less and make some profit and living off them. Relax your body and mind, and stay with me as I teach you these money-making secrets.

The Best Business to Start with 100k in Nigeria

There are a ton of small businesses that you can start with 100k or less in Nigeria. You only need to look out for them or your source for resources on these businesses. Here is the best resource for you if you want a business you can start with one hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria.

Animal Feed Business

You might ask: what am I to do with the animal feed? Well, there is a lot to do with the animal feed business. Many houses and households have an animal they rare in Nigeria, especially fowls, turkey, ducks, goats, dog and catfish.

You might just be the go-to person for feeding all these animals in your neighborhood. Yes, you might just be the right person. You don’t have to start this business with 10 million Naira. This is a business you can always start with 100k and make some handsome profits off it.

Poultry feeds and fish feeds are the most popular type of animal food Nigerians patronize the most, as there are millions of poultry animals and fish to feed on a daily basis in the country. You can make money off this by starting an animal feed business with your one hundred thousand Naira.

What you will need to start an animal feed business in Nigeria with 100k

Here are some of the things that will be needed to start an animal feed business with your one hundred thousand Naira budget.

  • A shop – This is important. This is where you transact all businesses. This might be impossible in some locations in the country, however, you can always get a shop for a sizable amount in many parts of the country.
  • Animal feed – This is the product you are selling.
  • Flyer/Banner – Advertising is key to the success of every business, it is important you create awareness in your neighbourhood about your business, no matter how little it is.

Mini Catering and Delivery

Another lucrative business to start with a hundred thousand Naira in Nigeria is the catering business. Now, when I say catering business, I don’t imply the general catering business; what I am talking about is a mini catering, whereby you get orders from your customers and you prepare their meals and deliver to them.

This is one of the trendy and lucrative businesses in town. It is very lucrative in urban areas as well as localities with many students. Your targeted customers are people who don’t have much time at hand to cook, hence, they need someone that can cook for them and deliver.

This is where you come in. you don’t need to own a shop or store to do this kind of business. You can do it with as low as 100,000 Naira and make great profits from it.

Items needed to start mini catering and delivery business in Nigeria with 100k

Here are the items you will need for your mini catering and delivery business:

  • Pots
  • Plates
  • Pan
  • Spoons/forks
  • Take out spoons/forks
  • Blender
  • Food warmers
  • Gas cooker
  • A bike man (you don’t have to own the bike; just a trusted bike man that can do the deliveries)
  • Social media followership

You should also note that you can buy these things one after the other, you don’t have to buy them all once.

Foodstuff Supply Business

Do you know you can actually make money in Nigeria without any ‘initial capital’? Yes, you can. With the foodstuff supply business, you can make a whole lot of money without having to spend much at the beginning.

Let me tell you how. For you to do this business, you need to look for people who are willing to buy foods, get them in their numbers, gain their trust, note what they want to buy, and have them pay. Then, you take their money to food vendors and buy, then, supply to those that paid you initially.

Another method is by getting people who are willing to sell to you on credit, then supply to food vendors. However, it is a lot easier when you have some cash to actually put into the business. How do you go about this?

With 100k, you can actually make money doing this business. You need to have foodstuff sellers you want to supply to, and also get to know their wants and needs. After then, find food vendors, especially local farmers, and purchase from them, then supply to your foodstuff sellers.

This business is great for local produce, such as plantain, fruits, cocoyam, maize, vegetables, etc. you tend to make more profit from such farm produce.

Mini Importation

Mini importation? Some of you might ask. Yes, mini importation. You can make huge money from mini importation with little investment into this business. This is actually a business you can start in Nigeria with less than one hundred thousand Naira.

What is mini importation? This is a kind of business that involves you ordering a small number of goods from a foreign country to Nigeria. These goods are typically cheap for their worth, and you sell them at higher prices here in Nigeria.

This is a business almost anybody can do, in as much as you can read, write and use the internet. So, if you have 100k you would like to invest in a business in Nigeria, then, mini importation is the business for you.

Things needed for a successful mini importation business in Nigeria

Here are what you need to have a successful mini importation business in Nigeria:

  • A smartphone/tablet/laptop
  • Internet connection
  • A visible delivery address

You can read more articles online about how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria for 100k or less. There are a ton of resources to help you out on this.

Daycare Services

This is another brilliant business you can start in Nigeria with 100k. with daycare services, you can make more money off your one hundred thousand Naira investment.

In today’s world, women are now more industrious, enterprising, and hardworking. They go to offices, shops, and other places of work; all in their bid to support the family. As a result of this, there is the need for someone to look after their babies and toddlers.

Hence, there is a need for daycare services. Whereby, parents drop their kids with a carer while going to work or doing other things. Here, you are the caregiver.

This business tends to be more suitable for females. No, it doesn’t totally exempt males, however, you would employ one or more female staff to assist with the business.

Things needed for day care service business in Nigeria

Below are the things you need for daycare services in Nigeria:

  • A spacious place
  • Toys
  • Kiddies chairs
  • Contact – you need to know people

Soap Making Business

There is a lot of money to be made from soaps. People always love their bodies and they want good things on them. With this, you can make money making luxury bathing soaps. Not just bathing soaps, you can also make liquid and bar soaps for household use.

With the soap-making business, you have a business you can start with 100k or less. This money is to procure equipment, tools, chemicals, and other materials to help in the production of these soaps.

You don’t have to rent a workshop when starting out, this is something you can do from home before going on to get a workshop as your business grows.

With the soap business, you have unlimited customers that are from all walks of life. You can always sell your products to individuals, restaurants, hotels, fast foods, and more.

You can check out free tutorials on how to make soaps online, and there are a couple of blogs that will teach you all of these for free.

Organic Drink and Fruit Juice Production

Organic drinks and fruit juice are starting to become increasingly popular in Nigeria, thanks to the awareness being created about the adverse effects of bottled and canned beverages.

As a result, people have started turning their attention towards organic drinks and fruit juice such as kunu, zobo, fura di nunu, and a blend of fruits. This is a business you should look out to venture into if you are serious about starting a hundred thousand Naira business in Nigeria.

There are lot of profits to be made from this business, also, there are lot of sales to be made. And, you don’t have to spend much to achieve start making money with the organic drink and fruit juice production business.

Items needed to start organic drink and fruit juice business in Nigeria

  • Blender
  • Plastic bottles
  • Refrigerator
  • Cooler
  • Fruits
  • Kiosk in a strategic location

Barbing Salon Business

It might interest you to know that barbing salon is a very lucrative business that comes with a whole lot of profit. It is also interesting to know that you can start a barbing salon business for less than 100k in Nigeria. Yes, you heard me right – less than one hundred thousand Naira.

Barbing salon is a booming business in Nigeria – many men cut their hair on weekly basis, some bi-weekly, and many will cut it at least 3 times in the space of 2 months. I have a friend that frequents his barbershop every 3 days. That is to show you how much you can make as a barber in Nigeria.

You might then ask; how can I start barbing salon business with less than 100k? The simple answer to this is – to start a mini barbing salon. In another word, a home service barbing salon. In this case, you don’t need a physical shop; all you do is home service.

All you need are a few equipments that don’t cost up to a hundred thousand Naira.

Items needed to set up a mini barbing salon in Nigeria

In order to set up a mini barbing salon business in Nigeria for a cost below 100k, you should look at acquiring the following:

  • Clipper – ranges between N5,000 – N50,000
  • Sterilizer – ranges between N12,500 – N50,000
  • Barbing neck strip – ranges between N1,000 – N2,500
  • Neck tissue paper – ranges between N1,800 – N3,500
  • Barber cap – ranges between N1,000 – N5,000
  • Barbers duster brush – ranges between N800 – N2,500
  • Hairbrush – ranges between N500 – N2,000
  • Shaving brush with powder box N1,500 – N3,000
  • Powder – ranges between N200 N1,500
  • Hair comb set – ranges between N1,000 – N3,000
  • Hair relaxer – ranges between N1,000 – N3,000
  • Hair conditioner – ranges between N1,000 – N3,000
  • Carriage bag – N3,500 – N10,000

These are the equipment you will be needing to start your barbing salon business with 100k in Nigeria. You don’t have to go for all at once, you can start with some of the most important ones, and as time goes on, you can start adding more items.

Also, refer to YouTube videos for tutorials on how to perfect your barbing skills as well as to learn many other styles.

List of Business ideas to start with 100k in Nigeria

Below is our list of the most lucrative business you can start for as low as 100k in Nigeria:

  • Animal feed business
  • Mini catering service business
  • Foodstuff supply business
  • Mini importation
  • Daycare services
  • Soap making business
  • Organic drinks and fruit juice
  • Barbing salon business

Final Thoughts on Businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria

Above is our amazing list of businesses you can start in Nigeria for as low a hundred thousand Naira. These businesses are tested and proved by experts in these areas. They are what you can set up quickly and start making a living off it.

We all understand the economy of the country, and start-up capital for businesses is not easy to come by these days. Hence, it is understandable why you would like to know the businesses one can put his hard-earned money into.

Note that some of these businesses require you to know a thing or two about them, hence, it is important you talk to an expert before going on with these business ideas.

It is as well important you start slowly and only go for the most important items when prioritizing your purchase list. As time goes on, you can add more items to your business.

What do you think about our guide on the best businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria? We would like to hear from you and know your opinion about our list. Also, we would also like to know other business ideas you feel we can explore with 100k or less.

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